1. Upstream Color (2013)

    "You could say (or I would) that it’s an exploration of the textures of consciousness, the light, colors, sounds, images and ineffable resonances that, as George Harrison phrased it, flow ‘within you and without you.’ The visuals and audio design are multi-layered and tactile, the emphasis on sensations underscored in the first section of the movie which mostly focuses on hands and a few feet. Not many faces. Heads, when they appear at all, are often seen from behind, as if we’re watching these people project the movie they’re living in front of them. […]

    "Can it be ‘figured out’? Would that really explain anything if it could? I don’t know. But right now if feels kind of like a worm that’s been implanted under my skin and is still squirming around in my head."

    Jim Emerson

    Alternative Candidate Rating: 4/5

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    Upstream Color is fucking good, man. I really want to see this in a theatre, but I doubt there’d be any sort of proper...
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