1. Skyfall (2012)

    "The combination of Bardem’s slabby handsomeness and his newly yellow hair and orange eyebrows achieves unsightly alchemy: He’s Frankenstein’s Ken doll. Silva ties James up to a chair and proceeds to fondle, among other parts, his Adam’s apple. It’s quite a moment, one that both deliberately echoes a grisly torture sequence in “Casino Royale” (a much livelier evening at the movies, with Craig’s maiden outing as Bond) and implies the character’s bisexuality. Silva is flirting with Bond, and, sadly, “Skyfall” is flirting with us. Silva brings bond to Hashima Island not for sex, but to lecture him about what dinosaurs they all are—Bond, M, the agency, the series, their technology, their jet-set approach to intelligence. […]

    "At almost 2½ hours, the movie plays like a long, familiar family conversation: Should we put dad in a home or not? This idea of retirement comes up over and over, and it does so at the expense of the actual fun of these movies: their exaggerated interpretation of international politics—warlords, terrorists, greedy pigs, insane demands, the pathological need of sex to be had."

    Wesley Morris

    Alternative Candidate Rating: 3.5/5

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